Focus On Authority And Your Website Will Be Invincible

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Hey guys,

I thought I’d put up a quick post about website authority and why it’s so important. The problem in our industry is that people see Internet Marketing as a “get rich quick” solution. They create WordPress sites, send tons of SPAM backlinks and hope to make millions. Whilst this strategy does work for some people – it’s not sustainable in the long-term. Google isn’t stupid and all their “animal” (Panda/Penguin) updates are implemented to tackle what they consider “churn & burn” sites.

That’s why I advocate building authority. When you reach the top – you are invincible and Google can’t touch you. You can break every single Internet Commandment like “Thou Shall Not Copy Content”, “Though Shall Write In Good English” (these don’t actually exist. I just made them up). I know you think I’m crazy but let me explain…

Wikipedia is a website we all know well but probably don’t trust. It’s quite the paradox really and one that fascinates me. You see, Wikipedia’s content is updated by it’s readers and here lies the problem. With so much content (like millions of pages of content) nobody has the time or the resource to check every single article. Wikipedia has an abundance of duplicate content, poor grammar, poor spelling (at least in English), and dodgy link profiles. It also has a 1M+ incoming links with over-optimized anchor text (see screenshot). Now Google explicitly tells us that all of the above is a violation of their Webmaster guidelines. If you did this on your site, you would be punished by the G Man.

So, why hasn’t been punished? C’mon, you know this – Wikipedia has an INSANE amount of authority and trust and that’s why it’s bulletproof. Look at the screenshot below:


These are stats we can all dream of. 1M+ dofollow links, 40K referring domains, 2M+ backlinks. It really doesn’t matter what goes on at – Google will never stop loving it. This is backed up by Wiki’s PR8 status. There are more examples I can show you like these. None of these sites will get punished because they are authorities in their niches. You can run negative SEO gigs on them and it won’t make a difference. They are all bulletproof.

So the morale of this story is – focus on authority and the rest will take care of itself. You can build authority by reaching out to the big hitters in your niche and grabbing a link off them. Look at the videos I have posted where I show you how to find some great, high PR links in any niche pretty quickly.

That’s all for today.


5 Tips That Will Help You Make Money Online

If you’re new to Internet Marketing then I am sure you will know how frustrating it can be to get started. There is so much information out there and so many different ways to make money. Most of the time you will see the self-appointed “gurus” promote every Internet platform, strategy and promise you riches. Unfortunately, it’s going to take much more work than that.

Cyberdelic Studio

You can definitely make an excellent living online – I do. I’m just your average Joe from a working class family. I’m not a rocket scientist from Harvard University and trust me, you don’t need to be Mark Zuckerberg to make it in this game.

I am going to share with you some of my tips that helped me to overcome the learning curve and start seeing money in my bank account:

Tip #1 – Enjoy The Journey

Internet Marketing has many “ups and downs”. You will experience days of euphoria followed by days when you want to throw it all in. This is very normal but try to remember why you started the journey in the first place. When you “make it”, life will get easier but enjoy the experiences along the way. Celebrate both your success and failures. As long as you don’t give up, each experience will bring you closer to your objectives.

Tip #2 – Follow Sensible Marketers

When I first started out, I followed marketers who made sense. Marketers who offer you value are the most important to you. You see, 70% of this industry is waffle – “Gurus” who spout nonsense, trying to promote their product or service in the process. I know this because I have spent $10,000+ buying crappy link building services and automation tools. I spent more time trying to get my 60 day refund from Clickbank than with the product itself.

It’s easy to find the right mentors and it doesn’t have to cost you money. You can follow them on Forums, Twitter and sign up to their blogs. Here’s a site to get you started.

Tip #3 – Stay Away From “Push Button” Software

I’m sure you have seen sales copies that promote “push button” software. Software that will build a 6 figure income on complete auto-pilot. This is a complete myth – if software could build a 6 figure income with one mouse click then we would all be millionaires, right?

By all means, use software to automate mundane tasks. That’s what I do. But remember – the software will automate processes, it doesn’t do the thinking for you. My products offer software solutions that will automate tasks but I teach strategies via webinars and coaching sessions. That is something the software can never replace.

Tip #4 – Keep Records Of Everything You Test Or Tweak

This is SO important. You need to record everything you do, doesn’t matter how small it is. I record my SEO campaigns on one spreadsheet which includes all my backlinking such as Web 2.0s, Guest Posts, Fiverr gigs etc.

Imagine you stumble upon a system that ranks #1 on Google every time. You can use this information to keep ranking your sites, provide local SEO or sell this information as an eBook/course. If you plan to sell (flip) your website then your buyers will be more confident if you keep all the SEO data.

Tip #5 – There Is No “One Size Fits All” Solution

Don’t expect a system or strategy that is working for someone else to automatically work for you. It’s important to learn from the best but there may come a time when you need to add your own twist to the product or system. I teach my students the “Rip, Pivot, Jam” philosophy:

Rip – find a system that works and COPY it.

Pivot – take the system and tweak it – add your own touches to it. Don’t be scared to try out new techniques on established methods.

Jam – take this system and “jam” it. That is follow the EXACT blueprint to rinse and repeat with future sites.

If you find a system that works for you but deviates from the original – that’s fine! Go with it and keep repeating for the same results. There is absolutely no reason to keep re-inventing the wheel.